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2020/May 21. Have been sitting on the roof half the day. Took down the 2 elements antenna, opened up the traps of the dipole and cleaned them. Lucky for me that the plastic caps of the traps were still in excellent condition (after 35 years?). I only needed some help fitting the antenna on the tower again. Everything is working fine and hopefully lots of dx will come in! The antenna looks like the picture below before the roof fire in 2017.

…. still waiting for my radio…. hopefully next week.

2020/May 17. One more week before we upgrade the antenna again!

2020/May 9. Today my FTDX3000 was sent for repair. The problem is a faulty frequency display. We will see when it comes back again. Now I have my backup station running, a FT950.

2020/May 1. I am working on my antenna. It is a FB-23 from Fritzel. Me and my brother in law will soon take it down . Cleaning the tubes and traps is the first priority. After cleaning, i will reverse it back again into a FB-33. I have always liked this antenna, mine is from the 70s and still working without any problem. Great performance!

2020/April 16. I am using info from other sites, just to learn how wordpress works. This site is experimental.

2019/July 27. Using FT8 quite a lot now. My settings on 20 are 25 watts/beam. On 40 meter my settings are 25 watts/Butternut BTV4 vertical.

2019/April 30. The Butternut 4BTV has arrived and is installed. Here some pictures of my garden Early May 2019. Press the picture if you like to see them larger.

I sold my FT-1000 MARC-V. I loved this radio, but sometimes you want something new. 

2019/April 17. UPDATE. I have been working many stations now with this radio and it is absolutely the best radio I have ever owned. I love the noise reduction DNR. 

 Wow a new radio! Even though it is already an old radio, to me it’s new!

My Ham equipment:

Yaesu FTDX-3000 100W
Yaesu FT-950E 100W
Antenna tuner MFJ-962D
Fritzel FB-33, an old german Fritzel from the 70s
Heathkit SB-200 power amplifier 600-700W
Sandpiper antenna V9 for 17/20/30/40 meter band
4BTV Hustler in the garden.

My locator: JO99DL

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