SB0M hamradio page

2020/November 9
Hi, thank you for visiting me. This is how my shack looks like. I am usually active on 20 and 40 meters. Usually SSB on 20 with 200 watts, FT8 mode on 40, 30, 17 meter, 35 watts using a small vertical (Sandpiper) in the garden.

Hope to meet you on the band!

My Shack 2020

2020/June 20. New version of the logbook LOG4OM version 2. This software is like HRD and becomes quite a competitor. It’s free and absolutely worth a try! Download here. This program has as advantage it’s uses Omni-Rig instead of HRD server. In my case using Catsync & Log4om2 which are very easy to use simultaneously without using a port splitter program. I do not say log4om is better than hrd but it’s close and I like it a lot! See article: Catsync & RFI.

Log4OM version 2

2020/June 12. Today I received my repaired FTDX3000 back. Seems to be working fine again. A grey flat-bonded cable, two wires were short circuit. Thanks to for finding this error.

2020/May 9. Today my FTDX3000 was sent for repair. The problem is a faulty frequency display. We will see when it comes back again. Now I have my backup station running, a FT950.

My locator: JO99DL

My equipment:

Yaesu FTDX-3000 100W
Yaesu FT-950E 100W
Yaesu FT-891 100w for mobile use (still working on)
Antenna tuner MFJ-962D
Fritzel FB-33, an old german Fritzel from the 70s
Heathkit SB-200 power amplifier 600-700W
Sandpiper antenna V9 for 17/20/30/40 meter band
4BTV Hustler in the garden.