My FTDX-3000

This is the best, most sensitive radio I have ever had. I am using a FT-950 as well and I have compared the sensitivity of the FT1000MP MarcV, FT-950 and the FTDX3000. Guess the winner!? I only had my ear to listen with, but readibility was clearly best with the 3000. I used the same antenna, and listened to the same stations.

The FT1000 was the worst almost deaf, the FT-950 much better, and the FTDX3000 with the DNR function a great winner. A minor problem with the 3000 for me is the main frequency display. It becomes sometimes unreadeable because all of the dots in the display ligths up, the “active” dots lits up a little stronger so the frequency display is still readeable although you need good eyes. Do not know how to fix this yet.

Furthermore the inbuild sound card is unbeatable. Just one usb cable from your computer to the radio. I can control HRD deluxe, WSJT-X and all other digital softare/modes. You can run voice keyer software as well if you do not have the Yeasu voice keyer pad. By using a com port splitter I have simultaneously control over HRD and Catsync, a kiwisdr receiver online and nearby. More info you find elswhere on this site.

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