I am running FT8 quite a lot here with 3 fantastic programs running flawlessly together! But the first thing you need is a cat/audio cable between your computer and your radio.

I will show you my settings to get WSJT-X, Gridtracker and Log4OM2 (for logging) work together. If you have inbuild soundcard support in your transceiver you can skip the cable section.

The hardware I am using is a windows 11 computer, you need for PTT a CAT interface cable to the RTTY/PSK contact of your radio (see the scheme below), and you need another CAT interface cable for frequency tuning & radio commands. A CAT cable cost you around 10 us dollars each.

This scheme is the most simple audio/PTT around, but working fine. I am using Pin7 (RTS) instead of Pin4 (DTR).

You can buy ready made cables on Ebay, or make one yourself. Loads of info on the internet.

Download WSJT-X
Download GridTracker
Download Log4OM2 and download the latest version.

When ready with 2 working com interface cables and input/output audio cables, you can start configuring WSJT-X. You can follow my serial port 3&5 (but you probably have different numbers), and the server port numbers through the programs.

WSJT-X my settings

… here the com 3 for the control of frequency and com5 for PTT. Because I am using the RTS pin 7 contact (for PTT) of the com port, I select the RTS.

and here you define you audio input and output (see scheme).

here you set the forwarding UDP ports for qso logging and informing Gridtracker

Settings in Gridtracker

Here you see the 2237 port configured in WSJT-X and the forwarding port 2333 —> to Log4om2

Settings in Log4OM2
You want to let Log4OM know we are using Gridtracker as forwarder (port 2333) and we need to add the first activated line in the UDP Inbound connections in Log4om (tab software integration – connections)

Do not forget this one!

There are more general settings but these are not related in combining these 3 programs together.

Good luck!