appello-funk (DL6LAU)
Classic International WIMO 
All kinds of antennas, RF connectors, radio transceivers and accessories like power supplies, morse keys, lowpass filters and so on.

Difona Communication GmbH 
Difona is a german base dealer for amateur radio transceivers, anntennas, PA, power supplies, accessories from several brands like Kenwood, ICOM, Yaesu, MFJ, ACOM, DAIWA, Diamond, DXSR, Alinco, Ameritron, ETM, Fritzel, UKW Technik, AOR, Bencher, Create, G.B., Heil, Hotline, Maldol, Tonna, Titanex, Outbacker, Hy-Gain, Mirage, SCS, SGC, SSB Elektronik

Ham radio dealer based in germany offer RF power amplifiers, from Alpin and SPE, antennas, RFI suppression products and GSM GPRS products

QRP and Homebrew HAM Radio by DL2FI and DL7NIK QRP Made in Germany and more QRP Kits, qrp transceivers, accessories, mini keyers dealer for antennas, atu and more accessories

Thiecom Import-Export 
Import-Export Worldwide shipment of Radio-scanners, shortwave-receivers and more. Wholesale and retail-trade 
German Ham radio dealer for hf radios by Icom Yaesu Kenwood Alinco and Alan – Largest selling site for Dutch Hams – Site for both CB & Ham amateurs – Dutch


Very good info site about SB-200 – PA0FRI

Restauration of SB200M0UNI Amateur Radio Projects Heathkit SB-200 Linear Amplifier Restoration

The W4ZT Bias Board – Used by K4POZ in a SB-200 Retrofit

SB-200 ModificationsHarbach electronics – Here you buy your spare parts

The Heathkit SB-200/201 Vintage Linear Amplifier – Tom Sowden (K0GKD)

K2KPJ’s rebuild SB-200KX5JT – SB-200 info – Great info siteRebuild job on a Heathkit SB-200 amplifier, done by John, N4NAB

Modification site for many diffent HF amplifiers 

One of the best modification sites for SB-200W7BRS SB-200 PageSM2YER heathkit sb200 modification pageThe Heathkit Shop

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